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Cylinder Repair for 2-stroke Top Ends

Cylinder Repair for 2-Stroke Top Ends

We offer an all-inclusive package deal to service a 2-stroke top end components like the cylinder, head, and powervalve system on applicable models.

We offer 4 types of repairs;

1) Honing of plated cylinders to clean-up minor seizures $20

2) Boring and honing to the next oversized piston for cast-iron sleeved cylinders $50

3) Replating with nickel silicon-carbide composite plating to stock size and up to 2mm oversize $275

4) Repairs to a big bore cylinder that we originally prepared by Forward Motion since 1990 $150

Here is a list of what each package includes and some helpful notes.

1) Diamond honing for plated and iron-lined cylinder with port chamfering and solvent-flus

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